“Protecting and Fulfilling the Rights of the Child in the Light of Faith”

LAMPARA: July -September 2011

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In 2001, the Sisters of the Divine Savior (Philippine Region) sowed the seeds for embarking on a pastoral response to address the situation of children in need of special protection in the context of poor communities. Now, ten years later, the project has taken wings effectively undertaking programs and services to uphold and protect the rights of children and women especially those who are victims of abuse, neglect and exploitation. The Salvatorian Pastoral Care for Children has been in the forefront of faith-based and rights-based organiza-tions that promote and protect the rights of children and women. Unless the deplorable situation affecting the marginalized segments of our society is re-versed, SPCC will be a standard-bearer for the mission.




 To commemorate the tenth anniversary of the founding the Salvatorian Pastoral Care for Children, child rights advocates of Quezon City celebrated the occasion on September 8, 2011 with a thanksgiving mass and program honoring individuals and parishes who have journeyed with the project in its advocacy for the fulfillment of the rights and protection of women and children. The well-attended affair that was graced with the presence of the Salvatorian Fathers and Sisters as well as other important personalities from various child-caring institutions and non-government organizations, was held at the Palace of the Rock in St. Peter Parish.
Although founded on August 15, 2001 the anniversary was celebrated on September 8 for the religious significance of the date. The celebration started with a concelebrated Thanksgiving Mass officiated by Bishop Broderick Pabillo, DD and concelebrated by Bishop Julio Labayen, OCD with the Salvatorian and Scalabrinian Fathers. It was followed by a video presentation of the SPCC experience for the ten-year period establishing child-friendly parishes and communities. The project, or rather the mission, is in the forefront of the advocacy for a pastoral response to issues of abuse against marginalized segments of our society, particularly women and children. It started the program in Parokya ng Mabuting Pastol in Barangay Common-wealth, Quezon City in 2002. Then, in 2005, the program was launched in San Jose Ang Tagapagtanggol Parish in Barangay Holy Spirit, Quezon City. In 2009, SPCC got the program running in St. Peter Parish in Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City. The program for the protection of women and children did not confine itself in Metro Manila but went as far as Cebu when the program was established in 2006 at St. Arnold Janssen Parish in Basak, San Nicolas, Cebu City. For the past 10 years, SPCC has influenced and enhanced the lives of countless number of people.
Parish volunteers called Child Rights Advocates have been a strong support to the program. They were given due recognition during the 10th Foundation Day. Plaques of appreciation were given: to the Diocese of Novaliches for being the first diocese in the country to have a 5-year existing program and facilities for the Protection of Women and Children named as Diocesan Pastoral Care for Women and Children, to St. Peter Parish the First Parish in the Philippine which has formulated Guidelines and Policies for the Care and Protection of Women and Children in the Local Church, to San Jose Ang Tagapagtanggol Parish which showed sustainable management of Women and Children' Protection Program. (beyond 5 years), and to SPCC Staff and members of the Board of Directors who have journeyed with the project for the last 10 years, as well as to parish volunteers who gave significant contributions to the program.



RBM, or Results Based Manage-ment, is a new strategy for managing projects and programs focused on achieving results within a developmental cooperation. It is an approach aimed at achieving important changes in the way that organizations operate, with im-proving performance in terms of results as the central orientation.
RBM comes in handy when we think of preparation for plans and project proposals. As it is, making project proposals is a major necessity for SPCC as it is a significant means of funding for the continued existence of the project. To learn about RBM, the staff of the Sal-vatorian Pastoral Care for Children attended a workshop conducted specifically for the group by the Integrated Pastoral Development Initiative (IPDI). Held at the Sacred Heart Retreat and Seminar Center in Lagro, Novaliches, Quezon City on August 16 to 17, 2011, the workshop and impact or long-term development goals that are not immediately measurable but is a vision or long-term provided the SPCC Staff with a radical shift in mindset necessary for effective analysis and planning. The method requires critical thinking that is forward-oriented or biased towards actual results. The speakers from IPDI who steered the fruitful discussions were Mark Foronda and Vio Esguerra. They h in project planning, it should be more concerned on the desired results. Now, there are three of these; output which is the tangible consequence of projects and activities, outcome or medium term effects brought about by the achieved emphasized that instead of focusing on the activities which is the traditional approach outputs goal.
The workshop presented a real chal-lenge to the SPCCstaff but it gave them a new way of looking at things particularly in the area that matters a lot for the sustainability of the program—the fut



July 2, 2011- The SPCC Staff and 28 PCWC Volunteers attended the Awareness Campaign on Child Trafficking conducted by the Philippines Against Child Trafficking (PACT) held at the Talitha Koum Center in St. Peter Parish, Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City.
July 5-6, 2011-  SPCC Social Worker Janalyn Palomique and CRA Geoff Morgado attended the Kapintig Inter-Cultural Learning Experience Orientation with Austrian participants conducted by the Integrated Pastoral Development Initiative (IPDI), Inc. at ISIS Center in Teachers' Village, Quezon City.
July 7, 2011- Sr. Maria Whelita C. Mendoza, SDS and SPCC Community Organizer Jasmin Merino attended the Urban Poor Affairs Office (UPAO) meeting which discussed the issue of land ownership held at the Palace of the Rock in St. Peter Parish.
August 16-17, 2011.- The SPCC team composed of 11 members (both lay and religious) participated in the Project Design Workshop conducted by the Integrated Pastoral Development Initiative (IPDI) at Sacred Heart Retreat House and Seminar Center in Lagro, Novaliches, Quezon City.
September 13, 2011-  The SPCC Staff together with the St. Peter Parish Staff and Employees attended the seminar on Work Ethics held at the Knights of Columbus Room in St. Peter Parish.


The Women and Children Protection Office of San Jose Ang Tagapagtanggol Parish got a big boost with its expansion and inauguration on June 18, 2011. Fr. Antonio E. Labiao, Jr., Parish Priest of St. Peter, Fr. Wilfredo Benito, OFM (Parish Priest of San Jose Ang Tagapag-tanggol) and Fr. Napoli Pasion, OFM, concelebrated the solemn mass on that special occasion which was attended by invited guests, parish leaders and volun-teers of the child protection program. Other noteworthy events for the third quarter of 2011 were as follows:
• July 9 , 2011-  Awareness raising conducted by Phils. Against Child Trafficking (PACT) attended by 37 participants. Speakers from PACT were Sheila Formento and Vida Subingsubing
• July 28 and 29 - Evaluation and planning was held at St. Michael Re-treat House in Antipolo City where 8 WCRA's attended with Fr. W. Benito, OFM and SPCC Staff Janalyn Palomique. It was facilitated by Andy Mendoza.
• July 30 – Despedida Party for Aus-trian Volunteer Helene Schrems at La Mesa Dam Eco-Park attended by 12 WCRA volunteers. July 27-SPCC
• Sept 24 – Input on RA 9262 for 2nd liners of PCWC Adults attended by 19 WCRA Adults (8 BCPC members; 11 from core group). It was fa-cilitated by Sally Ujano of Philippines Against Child Trafficking (PACT).
Fr. Tony blesses the newly renovated office Helene Schrems inspired the renovation attended by Barangay Chairman FelicitoValmocina of the Women and Children Protection Office
and PPC President Engr. Cipriano Vicente.




 For project monitoring, SPCC conducts regular assessment of its operations every six months, or twice a year. The mid-year evaluation is made to assess and evaluate the activities from January to June as a guide in the program implementation for the remainder of the year. For this year, the activity was held at the Hardin ng Postema Resort in Tanza, Cavite. As usual, Mr. Leopoldo Moselina facilitated the exercise as he had been doing in the previous SPCC activities. Sr. Irma Cau-meran, SDS (Regional Superior) and Sr. Mary Adeline C. Abamo, SDS (National Program Director) also attended the important activity.



 To build the capacity of Pastoral Care for Women and Children (PCWC) volunteers in providing basic intervention for children and women in need of special attention particularly by way of counseling, SPCC facilitated a training seminar for them on Basic/Pastoral Counseling on September 10, 2011 at the Talitha Koum Center in St. Peter Parish. With Sr. Maria Olympia Aquino, SDS as resource speaker, the vo-lunteers gained knowledge and enhanced their skills in counseling. They also learned valuable information on the intricacies of pastoral counseling which aims to promote the total psychosocial integration of the individual who has encountered problems in coping with the difficulties in life so that he or she can re-connect with his spiritual identity.




 Aware of the huge potential of the Pastoral Care for Women and Children (PCWC)–Teen volunteers in the advocacy for the protection of women and children, the Salvatorian Pastoral Care for Children (SPCC) organized a trainors' training seminar on Life Skills Education (LSE) for 30 young people of St. Peter Parish. The training seminar was held at the scenic and stimulating 4K Resort in Catmon, Sta. Maria, Bulacan on July 23-24, 2011. Facilitated by SPCC, the speakers came mostly from the staff who by now have learned the topics for youth advocacy by heart. Some of the topics were handled by invited speakers Divine Nobis and Teresita Acebo.
The seminar gave the teen volunteers a chance for much needed bonding and camaraderie which the venue amply provided with its group facilities and several swimming pools. Friendships were developed and interpersonal relationships were forged, the better for effective coordination and cooperation among the young volunteers.
The participants left the venue with an enhanced knowledge on issues re-lated to advocacy for the protection of their peers from abuse and exploitation. More than that,  they went home with a renewed com-mitment to share their learning to other children in their own communities.




 During the 9:00 am Sunday Mass on July 17, 2011 the new set of officers of the Women and Children Protection Office of Parokya ng Mabuting Pastol held an oath-taking ceremony officiated by the very supportive Fr. Alberto "Bitoy" Tamisen, CICM (parish priest). .Sr. Irma Caumeran, SDS witnessed the ceremony with Sr. Mary Adeline C. Abamo, SDS, Sr, Maria Whelita C. Mendoza, SDS, Sr. Belen Santiago, SDS and Novice Grace Cabanas as well as SPCC Staff Lydia Arpon, Janalyn Pa-lomique and Vladimir Castillo. Other noteworthy developments at the Women and Children Protection Office during the third quarter of 2011 are as follows:
• July 27, 2011 – SPCC Social Workers Jane Rendon and Vladimir Castillo con-ducted a Case Work Orientation for the officers of the Women and Children's Protection Office.
• July 30, 2011 - Teens and kids who participated in the recent Life Skills Education (LSE) seminar at Parokya ng Mabuting Pastol attended the General Assembly of CRAs. SPCC Staff Jasmin Merino gave a short lecture on UN-CRC. Child Rights Advocate Paul Santos, RSW shared his personal experiences as a member of the CRA-Youth. Sr. Belen Santiago, SDS gave an inspirational talk. The general assembly was attended also by parish leaders notably Fr. Alberto Tamesin, CICM (Pa-rish Priest).
• August 10, 2011 – With the assistance of SPCC, the Women and Children Rights Advocates conducted their Evaluation of the program for the past months of 2011 and Planning for the remainder of the year.
• Sept. 14, 2011 – During their regular meeting and finalization of the strategic plan of action in the parish, Sr. Ma. Whelilta Mendoza, SDS and Vladimir Castillo assisted.
• Sept. 21, 2011– A Workshop on Intake Recording was conducted by Vladimir Castillo for the PMP volunteers in the morning. In the afternoon, Sr. Ma. Olympia Aquino, SDS conducted a seminar-workshop for them on Basic Counseling.




 SPCC values the right of children to participate particularly on issues that have something to do with their well-being. In this light, SPCC conducts trainings and seminars to enhance their knowledge and equip them with skills to protect their rights. On September 24, 2011, an orientation seminar about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child attended by 32 children from different areas of the parish was held at the Talitha Koum Center in St. Peter Parish. The whole day activity familiarized the kids about their rights, primarily: survival, development, protection, and participation. With the facilitation of SPCC Social Worker Janalyn Palomique, who also coordinates the PCWC-Kids, the children enjoyed playing games and listened to informative talks. PCWC-Kids Coordinator Jasmine Fernandez, 11, conducted the sharing on UN-CRC while Sr. Belen Santiago, SDS and SPCC Social Worker Jane Rendon gave a short lecture on Personal Safety and Protective Behavior. SPCC Director for Quezon City Sr. Maria Whelita C. Mendoza, SDS summed up the learning for the day with her call to action. PCWC-Teen volunteers Abigail Degola-cion, 16, and Mark Abril Gonzales, 19, provided much needed support as facili-tator and documentor.
The kids had a great day just being together and gaining new friends but more than that, they learned to appre-ciate their value as individuals and as potential leaders of society who are aware not only of their rights but also of their corresponding responsibilities as members of the greater Community.




 The parish-based program for the pro-tection of women and children initiated by SPCC has ignited the interest of our foreign counterparts, particularly in Austria and Germany, enough to enkin-dle overtures for a lasting solidarity. Visitors from both countries have come not only to observe but also to extend volunteer work for the areas covered by SPCC.
Valerie Waldburg and Helene Schrems came in September of 2010 and stayed for almost a year of volun-teer service, Valerie worked with SPCC in St. Peter Parish, particularly giving music lessons for children in Sitio Payong, while Helene rendered com-munity service through the Women and Children Protection Office of San Jose Ang Tagapagtanggol Parish. Valerie went back to Germany in mid-May of this year but Helene stayed until the end of July. Both endeared themselves to the parishioners in a significant manner.
Then, we were graced with the pres-ence of Sarah Kranawendter and Johan-na Brunader who came to the Philip-pines on July 11, 2011. They render-ed literacy and compu-ter tutorials for out of school youth. Although they went back to their homeland by late August of this year, they left a lasting impres-sion to the local community.
The whirlwind visit of Jakob Wieser from the Dreikönigsaktion-Austria who came with his sister Marilies and their friend, Philipp, on August 13, 2011 made another significant impression. The group went around the slums of St. Peter Parish, San Jose Ang Tagapagtan-gol Parish, and Parokya ng Mabuting Pastol where they talked with the parish volunteers of the Women and Children Protection Program. Mr. Wieser left with the enduring conclusion that a pa-rish-based child protection program is really viable considering the situation of the country and the commitment of the people.




 The Pastoral Care for Women and Child-ren (PCWC) volunteers of St. Peter parish had the time of their lives when they en-
gaged in a team building activity conduc-
ted by SPCC at the La Mesa Dam Eco-Park in Fairview, Quezon City on August 20, 2011. Thirty-five volunteers, including some children, participated in games that were intended to enhance their team spirit as well as promote goodwill and camaraderie. The whole day activity fos-tered closer ties among the volunteers who came from different kawans or local communities in St. Peter Parish.
The activity came close to the heels of the Children's Congress in the same pa-rish that was held on May 27-28, 2011. The participants belonged to the working committees of the big summer event.




 Paolo Trinidad of Pinoy Laughter Yoga, a group promoting the beneficial effects of laughter to various organizations in the country, spent a day with the staff and close partners of SPCC on Sep-tember 17, 2011 to provide an orientation on their advocacy. Held at the La Valetta House of Prayer of the Somascan Sisters in Tagaytay City, the activity was an enriching experience that fulfilled the need of the SPCC team for a "care for the caregiver" kind of nurtur-ing. The training shed a new light on the therapeutic effects of laughter despite an obviously synthetic approach. Paolo Trinidad who trained in India and enjoys a reputation among health enthusiasts in the country came upon the personal invitation of Mr. Leopoldo Moselina.